Slimming Kits

Discover our Slimming Kits adapted to everyone's goals! Thanks to the Ketofine 21 high protein diet method, you will lose weight quickly and without Yo-Yo effect using diet packs and turnkey explanations. Thanks to our slimming packs, you can slim down quickly thanks to low-calorie protein meals (low in calories) easy to prepare. The weight loss diet packs will help you move towards a balanced diet thanks to the 2 stabilization stages of the slimming program.

It is not not compulsory to practice a physical activity to lose weight during the high protein slimming diet but will be recommended after weight loss to maintain your shape, your metabolism and stay in good health. Thanks to the protein intake, your muscle mass will be preserved. High protein powder sachets contain all the minerals you need to quit excess weight with satiety (meal replacements allow weight loss with an appetite suppressant effect) and will be your allies in generating your daily calorie intake during the treatment. Quickly discover our Slimming Kits made up of the best dietetic products for rapid weight loss!

Simple, fast and convenient are the currencies of our Weight Loss Kits. You can say goodbye to extra pounds and hello to slimming !