It is only activated if your consumption of carbohydrates (slow, fast, ... hidden sugars) is less than 30 grams per day. It goes quickly, and this is also the reason why certain vegetables are prohibited or limited to Level 1. This threshold is almost reached by following without deviation the meals authorized by your doctor: high protein meals Cetofine21, vegetables, drinks and seasonings.
This is not a problem, at Cetofine 21 all sweet or savory high-protein sachets have equivalent nutritional value, you just have to make yourself a salad made with the authorized vegetables or a pan-fried vegetables and finish for dessert with a high protein sachet sweet Kétofine21.
No, the amount of protein in the high protein sachets is for you ensure the nutritional intake that your body needs for its daily needs but above all ensures you to keep your muscle mass with targeted slimming on fat mass.
Take a high protein sachet additional. The feeling of hunger should pass after 48 hours, sometimes 72 hours depending on metabolism. Beyond that, it may not be hunger but the urge to snack that you miss, but in any case, it is always better to take a high protein Cetofine sachet21 than to crack on any other foodt.
Not before Level 3. The protein bars and cookies contain more carbohydrates than the high protein Cetofine sachets21.
Yes, snacks, bars or cookies are not prohibited when you are pregnant or breastfeeding but you should not go on a full high protein diet before you stop breastfeeding.
Yes the high protein snacks such as chips, mini sausages, chorizos, mini breadsticks are allowed up to a maximum of 3 sachets per week and ncan in no case replace your high protein sachets. They are therefore to be taken in addition.
Fruits are not allowed at Tiers 1 and 2. You can eat them with the reintroduction of the codified breakfast of the Cetofine21 high protein diet at Tier 3.
Yes this is inevitable, it proves that the diet is effective, you are in ketosis and the body by breaking down stored fat produces ketones which is a mechanism specific to the protein diet and causes bad breath but it is also which leads to thinning. Bring sugar-free chewing gum, mint spray, mouthwashes.
Yes it may be that the high protein diet causes temporary constipation due on the one hand to the reduction of the food bolus but also to the less important quantity of fiber. Remember to take your authorized vegetables, drink a lot 1.5 l to 2 l minimum.
It is not systematic but it can happen and there is nothing serious. In this case, it is simply necessary to supplement with Nacl salt tablets, gastro-resistant.
It is possible to have a migraine during the first days of the diet but it should go away very quickly. If in doubt, consult your doctor.
The Cetofine21 high protein sachets are made with proteins of high biological value.And depending on the brand, the quality of protein can be very different. Cetofine21, provides you with an average of 18g of protein per sachet.
The proteins ingested are broken down by digestion into amino acids. These amino acids (AA) are absorbed in the intestine to be then used by the body.
11 amino acids are said to be essential. That is to say that the human organism is incapable of synthesizing them and that their deficiency induces diseases.
It is important to check the nutritional value of each product in order to be able to compare similar products.
Within the first 72 hours of your diet and if possible throughout the period of stage 1, we do not recommend that you deviate because any deviation during this period, even minimal stops slimming and breaks the process of ketogenesis.

If you do a step back in Step 1, just continue your strict diet, it will take you 3 more days to get the weight loss back on track but nothing is lost, don't worry.

After this period, if invited, do not panic, choose steamed or grilled meat or fish, shellfish, seafood, a nice salad, vegetables, avoid appetizer cakes, bread, starches, dessert, alcohol, and if you really can't avoid alcohol choose a glass of red wine or a glass of champagne instead. Take a high protein sachet before going to the restaurant, this will allow you not to crack too much.

And if you made a big difference in Tier 2 or 3, don't weigh yourself the next day and do a strict diet day to compensate.
You should not go on this diet if you have any of the following:
  • Type 1 diabetes,
  • Renal failure,
  • Heart failure or heart problem,
  • Hepatic insufficiency,
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding.
The protein diet does not cause kidney problems, when the kidneys are healthy. Always remember to drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. However, if you already have kidney disease, the increased urea production due to your body's use of protein could make the problem worse.
Yes, in the high-protein diet, you can reintroduce chickpeas, beans, soya, tofu, etc. from Level 2 to replace meat or fish as long as you respect the list of authorized vegetables. You can also replace with an egg.
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Like any diet, if you resume your bad eating habits, you will gain weight. But if you have managed to stabilize your healthy weight with our method, follow our advice and you will not resume.
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2 times from 100 € (0.8% fees)
3 times from 150 € (1.55% fees)
4 times from 200 € (1.85% fees)
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