The levels of the CET protein dietOFINE21

Discover the 4 Levels of Cetofine 21 high protein diet. 4 steps are necessary to lose weight effectively with the high protein diet : the protein diet, the mixed diet, the low calorie transition level and the stabilization phase.

Discover the slimming program in video:

Palier 1 icone

The protein diet

The protein diet is the first step of the protein diet. Specifically dedicated tothinning, it is the strictest phase, but also the most interesting and the most comfortable to lose weight.
Palier 2 icone

The mixed diet

The mixed diet follows level 1 for prolong slimming while re-introducing dietary proteins. Your doctor can also start your diet with this level in case of contraindication to the protein diet, or if the weight loss to be obtained is moderate.
Palier 3 icone

Low calorie transition

This level follows on from level 2 for consolidate slimming and gradually re-introduce carbohydrates and lipids, using a full breakfast. Stabilization is thus initiated, although the weight loss, which is more moderate, remains effective.
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Low calorie stabilization

It is the last step of your diet, and it is also the most complete: close to balance, it will help you gently integrate all food groups and acquire healthy dietary reflexes, around complete meals including bread, fruit, etc ...

The high protein diet: what you will learn in the stages

Here we will talk about pounds, calories, foods rich in protein, overweight ...

All these themes are discussed in our slimming diet and in the program sheets to help you follow a protein diet for lose weight fast but above all to control your calorie intake after the slimming diet in order to avoid weight gain.
The weight loss program was created to help you achieve your weight loss goals. You can be followed by a nutritionist or contact our nutrition coaches.
During the slimming cure, you will discover the good dietary reflexes a balanced diet, your body and your metabolism will thank you!

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