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14 Days Slimming Kit for Women (-3KG)

14 Days Slimming Kit for Women (-3KG)
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Lose Weight in 14 Days with the High Protein Diet Pack!

14 days of high protein diet for a weight loss goal of less than 3 kilos thanks to:

Of good and easy to prepare mealsr: Kit made from customers' favorite flavors

A simple program : 49 high protein sachets and your detailed documentation to succeed

A proven effectiveness : Prescribed by many doctors and nutritionists since 1996, our diet has helped over 10,000 people lose weight.

This program is intended for women wishing to lose weight quickly in 14 days. For men, it's here!

perdre 3kg femme rapidement regime hyperproteine

Nowadays, we can no longer count the number of advertisements trying to sell you miracle recipes to lose weight: recipes with lemon juice, fat burner, diet pills, eat only breakfast ...

Unfortunately, losing weight is not so easy. You will surely understand it if you have tried these methods to lose weight (not to mention the cost of these ...).

This is why we have developed a Kit of our best high protein products to help women get rid of their extra pounds permanently in 14 days. Yes, we can use the term " definitely ".

You will receive a package containing a program for women for a weight loss objective of -3kg. Explanatory documentation will tell you what to eat, why and at what time to succeed in your weight loss diet.

The Shaker mixer suitable for protein sachets is offered to you to become the partner of all your high protein preparations!

You will recieve 7 boxes high protein sachets, that is to say:

-35 high protein sachets of sweet flavors (7x Cocoa drink, 4x Cappuccino drink, 3x Old Fashioned Cocoa Drink, 3x Vanilla desserts, 3x Chocolate desserts, 3x Belle-Hélène Pear Entremets, 3x Caramel desserts, 3x Cereal Lunch, 3x Crunchy Cereal Lunch and 3x Chocolate Minute Cake)

-14 high protein sachets of salty flavors (2x Vegetable soups, 2x Creamy Vegetable-Croutons, 2x Chicken Curry Soup, 2x Pumpkin Parmesan Soup, 2x Cream of Mushroom Soup, 2x Leek soup with potatoes and 2x Cheese omelettes).

At the end of your slimming program, you will have 3 protein sachets left in order to have the freedom to eat an additional sachet in the event of a snack. You will also receive a sachet of 7 Detox Drainers in Peach Tea flavor Stick in order to accompany you during your 14-day high-protein slimming diet.
During these 14 days of high protein diet, you will go through different stages: mixed diet, the transition phase and the stabilization phase. These different levels will make you lose weight but will avoid also the yo-yo effect thanks to the return to a balanced diet step by step. The phase of significant weight loss will take place over the first 7 days of the diet then you will follow the other 7 days of the diet with a more moderate weight loss so as not to rush your body.
Discover Ursula's Testimony:

Discover Nathalie's transformation (-17KG):

regime hyperproteine rapide 3kg femme

"08/25/19: OBJECTIVE -20KG // 09/26/2019: -7.1KG => REST: - 12.9KG. I opted for Ketofine 21 which I am not at all disappointed with. I am also followed by a nutritionist and I do not hesitate to contact the CETOFINE 21 medical team which is benevolent and provides good advice. Get started! "-Stephanie M.

“I had struggled for several years to lose 6 small pounds. I was inquiring and telling myself that I would go with it, when a friend told me about your products. I try, once again, without much hope, I admit ... in four weeks, left the small kg! I became friends with my body again !!! "-Maryse C.

“These products are awesome. You really feel the weight loss, but without really feeling that you are deprived of what you love. "-Amber L.

regime hyperproteine femme 3kg rapide efficace

We are experts in medical dietetics since 1996 and are your partner in your weight loss goals. After having distributed our high-protein diet products for more than 15 years only on medical prescription and with a doctor's or nutritionist's follow-up, we have simplified the method and are distributing our protein products on the internet. In addition, your package is delivered the next day for all orders from Monday to Friday before 3:30 p.m.

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