High protein bread with cereals

High protein bread with cereals

High-protein Bread, Toasts and Cereals
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Description du produit

This high-protein grain bread is available in individual packaging of 2 slices in order to retain all its freshness. Already pre-dosed, it is super practical and can be eaten immediately or toasted in a toaster. Delicious, you can eat it plain or with a very, very light veil of butter. Something to please you without blushing from Level 2.

However, in order not to diminish weight loss during your protein diet, you should not exceed a certain amount according to each Level.

Maximum recommended quantity depending on the Level:

Tier 1: Prohibited.
Level 2: 3 sachets per week maximum.
Level 3: 1 sachet per day maximum.
Level 4: 1 sachet per day maximum.

Ketofine high-protein bread is a "pleasure" product that can be added to your slimming program but which does not replace a classic high-protein sachet. You must therefore respect the quantity of high-protein sachet recommended and choose, in the quantities indicated above, for bread or not.

Sold in box of 7 sachets of 2 slices.


Eau, mélange protéique (protéines de blé, protéines de pois), graines de lin brun, farine de seigle, farine de soja, son de blé, graines de lin jaune, graines de tournesol, sésame, levure, fibre d'avoine, sel, correcteur d'acidité : diacétate de sodium, lactosérum enrichi en protéines.

Valeurs nutritionnelles

48 g
Fiche technique
  Par sachet Pour 100g
Poids pour 100 (g) 48 336
Energie KJ 531.2 1106.6
Energie Kcal 126.7 264
Energy Kcal 126.7 264
Matières Grasses 6.3 13.1
Dont Acides Gras saturés 0.7 1.4
Glucides 3.6 7.5
Sucre 0.4 0.9
Fibres 6.8 14.2
Proteines 10.6 22
Sel 0.5 1.1

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