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45 Day Slimming Kit for Men (-10KG)

45 Day Slimming Kit for Men (-10KG)
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Description du produit

45 days to lose 10 pounds thanks to the high protein diet Ketofine 21 !

It can be difficult to lose ten kilos installed after some excess or bad eating habits ... And unfortunately, miracle cures will not help you get rid of it.

Since 1996, our mission is tohelp people wishing to lose weight regain their healthy weight and have helped over 10,000 clients feel good about their bodies.

This 45-Day Slimming Kit specially designed for men wishing to lose ten pounds is the solution for reach its goal as quickly as possible and without Yo-yo effect. You will find in this program everything you need:
175 of our best high protein sachets savory and sweet at an advantageous price (approx. 2 € per preparation) to lose weight without depriving yourself (you will love the chocolate dessert!)
• a simple program guiding you day after day to find a good nutritional balance
• a vitamin supplement for lose weight without deficiency
• 21 plant-based fat burning sticks to help your metabolism regulate its glycemic profile

You will receive in your discreet package everything you need to carry out your slimming treatment and achieve your goal under 10 kilos. Specifically, this includes:
• 4 mixer shakers adapted to our products, it will be your ally for all your preparations
• 32 boxes of 7 high-protein sachets with the amino acids you need
1 bag of 21 fat burning sticks which will help you to permanently eliminate your extra pounds
1 Gerimax: 30 vitamin tablets enriched with Ginseng GGE in order to boost your body and feel in good shape
1 Specific Guide to Success

Your 32 boxes of 7 protein sachets will take the best flavors from the range:
-4 boxes of Cocoa drink (28 high protein sachets)
-2 boxes of Hot Drinks (7 bags of Cappuccino and 7 sachets of Old Fashioned Cocoa)
-18 boxes of Sweet flavors (14 sachets of desserts Vanilla, 14 sachets of desserts Chocolate, 14 sachets of desserts Caramel, 14 sachets of desserts Pear Belle Hélène, 14 sachets Cereal Lunch, 14 sachets Crunchy Cereal Lunches, 14 sachets Chocolate Minute Cake, 7 sachets Milk rice, 7 sachets Entremets Hazelnut chocolate, 7 sachets Chocolate Chip Pancake, 7 sachets Red berry yogurt)
-8 boxes of Savory flavors (7 velvety sachets with Mushrooms, 7 velvety sachets with Vegetables, 7 velvety sachets with Leeks and Potatoes, 7 velvety sachets with Vegetables and Croutons, 7 velvety sachets Curry chicken, 7 velvety sachets Pumpkin Parmesan, 7 omelette bags Mushrooms, 7 omelette bags Herbs)

For 45 days, you will follow our slimming diet through the 4 stages of the high protein diet Cetofine 21. Based on 2 levels of weight loss and 2 levels of food rebalancing, you will not regain your pounds so hard lost. You will carry out the 2 stages of weight loss during the first 28 days then you will bring your body towards balance from the 29thth day. Our specialty is both weightloss but also thebalanced diet.
Discover Ursula's Testimony:

Discover Guillaume's transformation (-15KG):

regime homme hyperproteine 10kg rapide

“In two and a half months I lost 12 kilos. With periods without paying attention. The products taste great and are easy to prepare. I have 9 left to lose and then I will just have to be careful. "-Alain P.

“I did this diet on the advice of my doctor, I started a strict diet, I was afraid of being hungry and not making it. I'm already at -10 kg, that really motivates me. I recommand it. " -Lucas M.

“Very good high protein products and a very good reception. The high protein diet method works very well. " -Frank B.

regime rapide homme hyperproteine 10kg

We are experts in medical dietetics for over 15 years and are your partner in your weight loss goals. After having distributed our high-protein diet products for decades only on medical prescription and with a doctor's or nutritionist's follow-up, we have simplified our method and distribute our protein products on the internet while remaining very effective.

Ketofine 21 offers you diets to lose weight, attentive and responsive customer service to help you achieve your goals and an efficient shipping service with next day delivery to your home or to relay points. With that, motivation is at its maximum to succeed in your slimming treatment!

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User guide

Le programme détaillé du régime minceur de 45 jours vous sera expliqué sur votre guide. Vous aurez à ajouter des légumes en fonction des repas protéinés prévus. La cure protéinée vous permettra de perdre environ 10kg rapidement.